Saturday, 8 May 2010

When cricket ate my life.

So I haven't really posted that much recently. Which is partly because I'm lazy and partly because cricket ate my life (that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it) so I haven't done much other than go to cricket and sleep. (Some of this may, or may not be slight exaggeration).

First of all Mary and I made epic t-shirts (well I think they're epic), which took a great deal of ironing (about 5 hours if you're interested).I did so much ironing that day I thought my hand might drop off. Also I burnt the end of my finger. Because I dropped the iron on the floor, and it got bits of carpet stuck ot it and I tried to get them off, but then I burnt the bits of carpet onto my fingers. We did mine first and we did it on the kitchen table, because it said on the instructions DON'T USE THE IRONING BOARD. And we didn't know what else to use, and then we realised if you did it onto the table to melted the top of the table and it stuck to the t-shirt. So on one side of mine it has burnt on table and on the other side it has tea towel fluff. So after that we used the ironing board and all the others came out really well. Although it turned out that mine's actually fine, once it had been washed and everything.

We've had about three matches as well. Which seem to take up a whole day. The first match because Ellen, Frankie and I did the match teas, which involved making massive amounts of sandwiches. Piles and Piles of sandwiches. We lost that first match, quite impressively, it was something like 258 to 31. We didn't get any wickets at all, and we all got out quite quickly. And it was a little embarrassing. I get to stand square leg, which is an amazing place to stand because the ball doesn't come at you all too often and you get to stand around and talk to the umpires. The only problem is that you can't really see if the ball is going wide, so I never know whether to clap the bowl because it does mean you're not sure whether it's wide or not. Also it clearly has the best name.

We drove all the way to Manchester to play, it was absolutely FREEZING. I can tell you now that those oh-so-warm looking wooly jumpers are not very warm at all. At all. At all, at all. The fielding was a little depressing, particularly since there was this epic moment where I could have caught one of their batters out and instead I just let the ball bounce off of my thumb and I'm never going to live it down. However we did get two wickets which was an improvement on last time, although in fairness one of them really wanted us to get her out, so I'm not sure to what extent that counts. And we got over 100 runs for the first time since 2007. This was mainly due to our captain, who stayed in all 30 overs and got something ridiculous like 43 runs. I got 2 though, which made me the fourth best batter on the team. We all got massive tarmac stains on the seats of our cricket whites, luckily my awesome Sainsbury's Stain remover powder with active oxygen got them out, but it appears that I was the only one with such power at my finger tips so now we all look even sillier than we did before. Success!

The last match we played was in Leeds, where it was slightly less cold, but still not as sunny as it is in York. We were kind of hoping it'd get rained off after the first couple of overs since they're the best team in our league and they made Sheffield (who we played first) cry, and if it gets rained off once you've started you draw, which was about as close to winning as we're likely to get. Sadly there was rain before the match, and there was rain after the match. But no rain during the match. Our fielding got slightly better from the Manchester game, and we even got 4 wickets. Proper ones that we got because we wanted to, not because they wanted them. Sadly my batting went straight back to square one, as I wandered out of my crease on the very first ball I faced and got out straight away. It was mighty sad.

We're now half way through our season, and we don't even have a match tomorrow, (until now we've had a match every Wednesday and Sunday, plus a practice on Tuesday and Friday) so we almost get the day off. Although we do have an extra practice. So we wont get rusty. Or something like that. I think the next couple of matches are at home, so I might not even be needed to play since most likely there'll be more people who can make it if it's here. So I might even make it to some of my regular Wednesday activities this week. Also because there isn't a match tomorrow I can go to the Church BBQ tomorrow which should be good, as long as the weather holds up.

Other than cricket I have been spending my time wisely. And by spending it wisely I mean I have been sleeping. Like a log. For as many hours as I physically can. Last night for example, I had an early night, got into bed at about 10, didn't turn on my alarm because I figured I'd wake up on time because I'd gone to bed so early. I woke up and it was 12. I'd slept through two phone calls. And my phone was right by my head. I don't understand. I guess I really needed the sleep. It did also mean I missed Lacrosse, but I was thinking about not going anyway since I had a lot of reading to do and my ankle is sore from where I decided it would be a really bright idea to stop a cricket ball with my foot, despite Ellen continually shouting at me to use my hands or I'll break my ankle. Figures.

I did stay up to watch the election the other night, because a politically minded student and all. Although I gave up at around 4 when it became clear that the Conservatives were going to do much better than I had hoped and the entire map of England was looking particularly blue. I went over to Frankie's to watch the election coverage on her TV, with what seemed like the entirety of New Vanbrugh, which was good, we watched a healthy mixture of the 'alternative' comedy coverage on Channel 4 and the BBC's sensible coverage with lots of big long words and fancy graffics. I came back at around 1.30 had a light snack of toast, a bowl of sweetcorn and the nicest cup of tea ever. It was one of the Tazo teas that Hollywood sent me for Christmas. I went for Organic Decaf Spiced Chai, and it was LOVELY.

Anyway I think that pretty much covers everything I've done over the past couple of weeks. And this post is getting quite long. I'm going to post this, try and somehow add some pictures to liven it up, make myself some tea and head to bed! Night chaps!

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