Wednesday, 18 January 2012

And then things happened...

So in a startling turn of events I have not been blogging, not because I'm not doing anything interesting but because I've been really busy trying to catch up on work because I've been doing so many other things. And now I shall tell you what I have been doing.

This weekend it was a big frisbee tournament in York, which was really fun, there was much frisbeeing and running and watching frisbee games and playing silly games and generally freezing my nose off. Also, much eating of bagels and talking about baked goods and hugging and laughing and ridiculous behaviour. It suddenly got really cold this weekend and so it was colder than the inside of a icicle in the tent where the tournament was being held, so I wore my ski jacket for most of the weekend. Eek.

I had a team from Nottingham Trent come to stay in the flat overnight between the two days of the tournament, and it was really lovely to hang out with them and have dinner and get ready for the party. Each team got a Disney or Pixar film to get dressed up as. The girls staying over were dressing up as Lions from the Lion King. Our film was Toy Story, so I dressed up as Wheezy. Because I'm just that cool. There were actually two Wheezys, and Tom had flippers, but I think my beak was better. So there.

Also, I've been hanging out with my friends at the Library and catching up, because when you usually see people every day suddenly three weeks over Christmas seems like a long time. And then there's the housemates to catch up with, and cook with, and go on runs with. And then on top of all of this there's library and work and meeting with supervisors and tutors and so on. On which note, I'm going to go try to upload my masters application again, since the website is being pooey and not letting me on.