Thursday, 3 December 2009

Counting Down To Christmas

The count-down to Christmas is now officially on! I sent most of my packages to foreign places also a bunch of my international Christmas cards! With one day to spare before the deadline! Success! I've also opened two more windows on my Advent calender (a little picture of bethlehem and a Christmas tree) and have started researching for my application essay for America AND for my next course essay. Today has been a relatively successful day!

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

First Day of Advent

I opened the first window on my BEAUTIFUL advent calender today! It had a picture of an Angel and a couple of stars behind it! I also wrapped presents for two of my American friends ready to post tomorrow to America Land and hopefully arrive there before Christmas... And when we sang carols in Choir today I didn't feel like we were cheating! I really do LOVE Christmas!

I also booked my train home today which was exciting! I booked tickets for two of my friends as well but sadly our allocated seats aren't very near each other because for some BIZARE reason booking two seats came to £68 and booking two single seats came to £28 each which if my calculations are correct is more expensive... which is strange... still I'm excited because we're all going on a jolly 4 hour train trip!

Another exciting Christmassy thing happened today! FROST! In the absense of snow I feel like frost is the next best thing - it's so pretty. I would have liked to take pictures but Tuesday is my killer day; I have classes pretty much from 9.15 - 5.45 with a 90 minute Choir practice built into the middle. I love my classes but by the end I'm just so shattered I want to curl up into a small ball and lock myself into my room.

Still everything is marvy and magical and Christmassy :D