Tuesday, 1 December 2009

First Day of Advent

I opened the first window on my BEAUTIFUL advent calender today! It had a picture of an Angel and a couple of stars behind it! I also wrapped presents for two of my American friends ready to post tomorrow to America Land and hopefully arrive there before Christmas... And when we sang carols in Choir today I didn't feel like we were cheating! I really do LOVE Christmas!

I also booked my train home today which was exciting! I booked tickets for two of my friends as well but sadly our allocated seats aren't very near each other because for some BIZARE reason booking two seats came to £68 and booking two single seats came to £28 each which if my calculations are correct is more expensive... which is strange... still I'm excited because we're all going on a jolly 4 hour train trip!

Another exciting Christmassy thing happened today! FROST! In the absense of snow I feel like frost is the next best thing - it's so pretty. I would have liked to take pictures but Tuesday is my killer day; I have classes pretty much from 9.15 - 5.45 with a 90 minute Choir practice built into the middle. I love my classes but by the end I'm just so shattered I want to curl up into a small ball and lock myself into my room.

Still everything is marvy and magical and Christmassy :D

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