Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Letter to America

Dear America,
Please let me come to your country.
I promise I shall not eat your children or otherwise cause trouble.
I also promise to come home,
Yours faithfully,

(I hate visa forms with the burning passion of a thousand burning suns. The website times out at inconvenient times and I have to upload photographs and other such nonsense. I am not impressed)

In other news the cricket season has finished. We were supposed to have our last match today, but we couldn't play because we didn't have a team, so it was a walk over and we lost 3 points. Which mean we finish the season on -3. We are the joke of the cricket world. Literally. In the match the other day, Ellen caught a girl out and she was mortified because she'd gone out against York! Oh dear. It was a rather sad way to end the season actually...

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