Tuesday, 25 May 2010

London Adventures a.k.a. Lisa's Blog Post.

Having completed visa fun Lisa and I spent a day having non-visa-related and much more stress-free fun out and about in London. But only after I had had my second breakfast. I think having got up at 6.15 I deserved a second breakfast at 10. Also I only had one slice of toast at 6.15 since I really wasn’t hugely hungry. And by 10 I was pretty much starving. I think the stress must have used up precious calories.

It was actually somewhat of a food fuelled day. This statement may seem a little perfunctory, but what I mean by it is that rather a great quantity of food was consumed. As in we had the most enormous pizzas for lunch. They were yummy. We got them from this amazing pizza place near Lisa’s university called ICCos where you order your pizza, and then they give you this thingy. Which is like a key fob perhaps, but basically you go sit down and they make your pizza to order, and then when it’s done your machine thingy lights up and buzzes and you can go collect your pizza. It was pretty awesome. And then I had and ice-cream at the interval at the play (more on this later) and I bought tom thumb drops. And then for tea we got this enormous burgers from a fancy burger place at St Pancreas Station, which we’d got £2 off vouchers for. I had a bbq burger and it was the nicest burger in living memory. Although I don’t actually eat burgers often, which might be why...

We went shopping along Oxford street, which I usually find quite stressful since there’s always loads of people and you have to stand in queues all the time. But I actually quite enjoyed it today, probably partially because I was in a rather good mood because of the whole getting visas, and therefore am even more likely to be going to America, and partially because Lisa is a fantastic person to go shopping with, and we had muchos catching up to do. I bought some things for camp at Primark including a mac-in-a-pack and a pair of board shorts, and I also bought a really nice little summer dress. I was a good girl and didn’t buy anything in any of the other shops. Even though there was THE CUTEST summer dress in Gap, and we went into this really lovely shop called Pull & Bear or something like that.

I really enjoyed hanging out with Lisa and her housemates. She’s got this lovely house in London, it’s adorable and it’s just like a real house, it’s got a little sitting room and a little kitchen and even a teeny tiny little garden. Last night we sat around and I got to sit on the sofa and watch TV. Which is still exciting to me. This is what happens to you when you live in student accommodation. We also taught Lisa how to play 21s and Rummy. Because apparently she didn’t know how to play any card games. When I say we taught her, Harvey her housemate taught her, and I was generally helpful by playing along and watching the TV at the same time.

So all round a good time was to be had by all!

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