Friday, 14 May 2010

Exit, persued by a bear.

A week ago realisation suddenly sunk in that I have an essay deadline on Monday, I then sat around for a while thinking about possible essay topics and panicking about the impending work load and playing cricket. This has culminated in my being closeted in the library for the last two days. Literally I have been leaving the house at 9 and not coming back until 6. This has lead to about a million pages of notes on cuckoldry in Early Modern Societ, and exactly 191 words. Which I'm trying to fool myself into thinking is a solid start.

If you're interested my essay is on the imagery and morality associated with cuckoldry (wives cheating on their husbands) as shown in Othello and The Winter's Tale. Which is more interesting than it sounds, I promise. I've quite enjoyed doing the reading for it. There don't appear to be many essays on it, which is quite cool, because I feel all original and such, but on the other hand, it's a pain in the derrier because it means I have to do original type research and read mad books about society and law and such, which are much harder to read than Literature gumph which has been dumbed down for wallies like me. Also I'm slightly kicking myself, because I'm doing all this sodding research for a sodding procedural essay, and it doesn't even count. Bah Humbug! 

And unfortunately I've got to stop reading now and start writing. Which is where the whole thing goes downhill. Because I still have this irrational fear of referencing. And I just can't get going, which is why I've got 191 words and I'm now writing a lengthy blog post. I've probably written more in this blog post thatn I have on the essay itself.Actually writing is the worst bit of this essay malarky. Bit of a pain really. 

Being stuck in the Library does not lend itself to a great number of stories which will fit comfortably under the title of 'Adventures and Misadventures'. Yesterday I found a new favourite seat in the library, it has a window, and is right by the Literature books and has a nice big desk. It is the king of library work spaces. I did get slightly distracted by two of my cricket friends, which led to a rapid descent of productivity and an increase in cricket practice. If you're wondering how we managed to do cricket practice in a Library without annoying everyone around us, the answer would be we didn't. Frankie and I threw things such as bits of paper and sweets at Ellen and giggled raucusly, and Ellen did fielding practice. By the end there was a big empty space round us, and we had to sneak out via the physics books so we didn't have to walk past the people we had been disturbing.

Today was much less excitable. I decided to explore new and exciting areas of the library, and so I sat in the Humanities Reading Room, which is good, because it is sunny and there is lots of space, however there are lots of people and so it's easy to get distracted by people watching. The girl next to me today had a tamagotchi, this was hilarious for about 5 minutes, then it just got annoying, because the damn thing kept pooping or what ever it does to make noises and it was quite distracting. Still can't very well let it die can you?

In other news I'm trying to eat my five-a-day at the moment, get healthy, have nice shiney hair, and clear skin and strong nails and such. It's actually harder than I thought it would be. Because it transpires that vegetables go off REALLY quickly. Who knew? Anyway I have to go to the supermarket tomorrow anyway to get food for teas for cricket on Sunday, so I'll get more healthy vegetables while I'm there. Maybe some dried fruit, since that won't go off quite so quickly.

I'm currently drinking a cup of decafinated green tea with lotus. I have to say I'm not hugely impressed. It doesn't really taste of very much and has a strange old aftertaste. Maybe it needed more honey.

Anyway I should get back to the joys of my essay.

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