Friday, 12 March 2010

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I haven't posted anything in a while. I've been busy; I had an essay due in this week, I was in a big concert, I've been to see a film, I've been to tea twice and today I've had a super busy day. So I think an update is due all round. I'm worried this might turn into an obnoxiously long post, so read on at your peril.

I've just sent out the essay I've been working on all week. I ended writing on Prostitution in Mrs Warren's Profession, which was actually quite interesting. The module I'm doing this term has been Historical Approaches to Literature, so I got to do a lot of research into how fallen women and prostitutes in particular were treated and what contemporary views were on the subject. I put alot of effort into doing all the referencing correctly, so I'm very hopeful that I've done it right this time. I think I've formed a sort of Referencing Neurosis. I'm pretty convinced I can't do it. It terrifies me. You have to get all the full stops and commas in the right place. It's stress.

On Monday I spent much of the day in the library, I actually had to go into a section other than the English section, and I ventured into the History section, and felt all intelligent. Until I realised that it smelt of feet in the History Section. I stayed though and sat down and made notes. They're taking all the aspestos (or what ever that toxic stuff is called...) out of the walls of the library at the moment, which is super noisy and they keep moving everything around and they've got rid of loads of the working space so it's hard to find a place to work. Pain in the butt. But I guess not dying while working is worth it in the long run.

As I mentioned I went out for High Tea TWICE this week. For any Americans who've got this far, High Tea is between like 4-6 I would say and is supposed to be a substitute for dinner, and you eat cakes and teeny tiny sandwiches and such. In reality both times it's been instead of lunch. I can't survive off cake alone. Least ways not for dinner. Anywho, point is... oh yes! So Monday afternoon I went to my friend's for tea, we had cucumber sandwiches, stroopwaafles, maltesers, crisps and cake. And it was awesome.

Tuesday I went to go see Alice in Wonderland. Since We covered Nonsense fiction in our course this term, I figured it would make sense to go see the movie. Plus I wanted to escape work. Plus I just wanted to see a film in 3D. Plus Johnny Depp was in it. Plus... well you get the picture. So yeah, it was very enjoyable. Soundtrack was pretty good. Obligatory tense music was very tense. There was a bit of a propensity towards excess CG but whatever. I thought some of it was cleverly done, like the references from the original they built in. Some of it wasn't so cleverly done. The feminism was a bit over played. I did not approve. But all in all very enjoyable and I got a pair of 3D glasses so now I can enjoy the world in 3D at my leisure.

Wednesday was the day of the great concert. I'm going to put a picture in here so you can kind of imagine what we looked like. It's from last year I think, because this year's hasn't gone up, but you get the vague gist. I was sat right at the top on the right. Just in case you've never been to York Minster, that's one HECK of a long way up. For someone who doesn't particularly enjoy heights it was a bit of a nervy experience. Particularly as every time the choir stood up to sing the whole structure shook in a slightly alarming way. The other problem was that it was absolutely FREEZING in the Minster. It's a huge building (The Minster is 158 metres (520 ft) long and each of its three towers are 60 metres (200 ft) high. The choir, which has an interior height of 31 metres (100 ft), is only surpassed in height in England by the choir of Westminster Abbey. Bit of wikipedia trivia for you there...) so I appreciate that it would be futile, expensive, not to mention disastrous for the environment to try to heat it. However I did almost die of cold.

Yesterday I went out for tea at Betty's for my Birthday Treat. One of my best and oldest friends from home gave me money to take me and a friend because we didn't end up having time to go when she came to visit. It was one of the most amazing birthday treats ever. We had a cream tea (scone with clotted cream and raspberry jam), a chocolate tort, this amazing lemon cake, a chocolate torte and this Betty's speciality which was a curd tart with peel and currants in which was also delicious. I was kind of hoping to sit upstairs because it's beautiful up there, it's based on the design of the Queen Mary Cruise Liner, it's all 1930s style glass and mirrors and everything and it's so lovely, but we sat downstairs. Which was still nice. Although when researching for this post I found out that it was a favourite in World War II with American and Canadian Bomber Pilots. Which is quite cool. Historical and that.

Today was a bit of a busy day, I had my last proper seminar for the term, since next week we're just doing our final presentations. I went for lunch with a couple of girls from my seminar group which was really nice. Then I went to Cricket. Which was actually pretty disastrous. But hey. I also played Squash for the first time ever, which was much more successful, since it's quite similar to tennis. This evening a couple of the girls from the cricket team came over for dinner, I made sausage casserole(ish) and mash. It was fairly successful. The potatoes took forever and a day to cook. It was slightly distressing.

My friend helped me mould my gum shield for my (first ever!) lacrosse match tomorrow. This was quite an operation. First we needed a whole load of apparatus (kettle, non plastic bowl, spoon, cup of water, mirror) and then we had to watch a DVD and follow the instructions precisely and it was all very tense and complicated. But eventually I succeeded and now my teeth shall be safe. Half-Pint reckons I need a special pair of goggles as well (I'll try to stick a picture in here so you can see) but I don't think we wear those when we play lacrosse in England. clearly we're hard over here. Plus, to be frank, they look quite ridiculous.

I was going to go to bed early tonight but instead I watched some stuff on iPlayer. First I watched Let's Dance for Comic Relief, and FINALLY found out who Justin Bieber is, and to be honest after all the hype and everything, I'm a little disappointed. Then I watched the program about feminism. I'm not sure why, but it seemed to include a very large number of people with very dodgy hair cuts. Anyway, from this experience I discovered that although the feminists from the 1970s think that my generation should be rising up to change the lives of women, I don't feel particularly oppressed and therefore feel no need to rise against anything. Consider the buck officially passed.

Right bed time me thinks! Wish me luck in my lacrosse match tomorrow!

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