Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Kitchen Table Tennis

Last night was the last Cricket social of term. We had an end of term pot luck dinner, which involved everyone bringing the random things they had left over and we ate those. So we had a Cumberland pie, a haddock pie, crisps and dip, carrot sticks, mash, bacon sandwiches, quiche Lorraine, mange touts, and then this amazing fruit cake Ellen's mum made, and an amazing cinnamon and coffee cake with coffee icing which Mary made. And wine. Lots and lots of wine. Which all culminated in us playing table tennis on the kitchen table. We played a mini tournament thing, which I can't really remember the out come of other than that our esteemed captain lost. Then we decided to play round the world, which was a great idea except we didn't have enough bats, so Cecilia and Frankie had to use pans, and we didn't have enough co-ordination, so hilarity ensued. After we decided to go into town, the place we were going to go to had a couple of ambulances parked outside, so we decided to give that a miss, and go to the club, or as my father would call it, discotheque, all the cool kids go to on a Tuesday. Only we are not cool kids. So we lasted about an hour and then walked home.

This morning I had my final presentation at 9.15. And a lecture. And a lacrosse match. Then I stayed to watch the rugby, went to my music rehearsal. Then I collapsed a little. Had dinner, straightened my friends hair for her social, and then tucked myself up in bed, with iPlayer.

Good times all round!

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