Saturday, 6 March 2010

Mount Holyoke College

I thought it would be interesting at this point to post 10 interesting and useful facts about Mount Holyoke, so you all know more about this important centre of learning.
  1. Mount Holyoke College is a woman's liberal arts college in Massachussettes.
  2. It is part of the seven sisters (which is apparently good) it is also (according to wikipedia...) the 5th oldest woman's college in America.
  3. It was founded in 1837 by a lady called Mary Lyon, who by all accounts seems like a pretty cool individual, in anycase she comes out with some solid quotable quotes.
  4. It is named (suprisingly) after a mountain called Mount Holyoke. Which is 935 feet (285 m) tall. So it's actually a glorified hill. But still. We get the day off to climb it apparently. There might even be ice-cream.
  5. From the pictures the grounds look pretty gorgeous. Much nicer than York University Campus. Not that this is particularly hard.
  6. In addition to the Mount Holyoke College Botanical Garden, the campus includes two lakes, several waterfalls, tennis courts, stables and woodland riding trails. According to the magic of wikipedia. This sounds hardcore.
  7. The grounds even house a golf course. Winner. Shame I can't play golf at all, even in the slightest. Not one tiny little bit.
  8. Apparently Mount Holyoke’s library includes more than 740,000 print volumes, 1,600 periodicals, and more than 140,000 electronic resources. I don't know how this compares with York, but it sounds impressive.
  9. Although Mount Holyoke only considers female applicants for admission, it will award diplomas to transgendered students who become male or identify themselves as male by the time they complete their studies. Apparently it is also the 5th most gay-friendly college in America. Interesting stuff.
  10. Emily Dickinson attended Mount Holyoke. And she HATED it.
I think you'll agree that this post has enriched your lives more than you thought possible.

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