Monday, 1 March 2010


This weekend I went on exciting adventures.

But first I dropped by the sports hall to watch some Cricket in action. It was very excitable. And even though I think we lost, this was no matter for some rather marvelous cricket was played. I only stuck around for about half and hour, and I didn't really know exactly what was going on, but this is my expert opinion. This picture was taken at some time of celebration. I think we had just bowled someone out (and when I say we... I mean someone else).

Afterwards I went home. This was exciting because I had a bed and clean sheets, and someone cooked my dinner for me. Saturday I went to the Camp America recruitment fair, where I was very important and useful in weeding out the people we didn't want from the queue. I mostly weeded men and people who didn't want to live in a tent for a prolonged period of time. I think we ended up with some pretty cool new staff members. Afterwards we went out for dinner and a couple of drinks and dancing and such. Good times.

Sunday I went into Guildford with Mother to go shopping. This was very successful and led to me almost breaking my back on the way back oop north today.

My train ride was very much improved by the fact I was sharing a table with three very Scottish little old ladies. All of whom were named Maragret. They were quite excellent and wouldn't stop talking to me. One of them was very talkative and did not approve of me flicking to the back of my book to check the notes, as she said I was cheating and I would spoil the end, she was reading Now magazine in a very austere way. She also had cake and sandwiches. Another Margaret pretended to be asleep appart from when there was food. The third Maragret was bossy and told Talking Maragret off for interfering, she was reading the Telegraph, but her arms were a little short and she was struggling. Talking Maragret and Sleeping Margaret had Gin and Lemonade, and insisted on pouring me a glass in order to bring 'colour' back to my cheeks. Sleeping Margaret was a menace and kept trying to pour more Gin in when she thought I wasn't paying attention. Bossy Margaret refused to eat the sandwich Talking Margaret had brought her but was drinking straight whiskey with considerable speed and skill. I was very sad to leave my new found friends when I got off the train at York.

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