Saturday, 13 February 2010

Reading Week

These are exciting times, for next week it is READING WEEK. And this means that I get to have a whole week without seminars or lectures, I'm looking forward to having time to do some of the reading I need to do for the next couple of weeks, reading some of the books I was given for my birthday, and doing some reading to get ahead on my next essay so I don't have a mad panic at the end again. That's the plan in anycase. And to catch up on some sleep. My plan is two fold. Read and Sleep. I think it's a good plan.

I'm gonna have a couple of days break from reading though, and just work on the sleeping section of the plan because I'm a bit tired of reading and I'm still battling the vestages of this coldy thing that won't leave me alone. Except I slept for about three hours this afternoon. So now I'm all perky and awake. Which isn't so great. But hey. I'm going to watch the opening ceremony for the Winter Olympics and then go to bed.

The opening ceremony seems really good so far, I'm enjoying the interactive elements, particularly the drums and the flashy lights. Also the exciting indian things, the fake snow and the little kids in big furry hats. Although I'm not enjoying the crazy scottish lady pointing out the bleeding obvious all the way through the spiritual mystic bit. I wish she would shut up. She's as bad as Terry Wogan on EuroVision. It's all very pretty. Not convinced by the giant glittery bear though.

I heard back from FISH and I have a job there over Easter, and I need to send of a couple more things for BUNAC so that I can go back to work at camp over the summer. So everything is going to plan pretty much. It's all rather marvelous!

I went to go see RENT last night, the musical group at Uni is doing a performance of it, and one of the girls in my seminar group was in it, and I've only seen a teeny tiny part of it (we watched it at camp one night and I literally got one song in and then fell asleep) so I thought I'd go along. It's not really my kind of thing, but the music was really good and it had a very bitter-sweet story line and it was well acted and sung. It was a fun evening out.

My next post was going to be muchos excitement about America and where I'm going and all that kind of stuff, but I guess I'll do that in my next next post. If that makes sense. This is me over and out!

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