Thursday, 11 February 2010


I previously said that my essay was going to be on how uglyness is portrayed in The Woman in White, this has changed a little however since it transpires that the ugly woman I wanted to talk about is not in fact ugly for a woman, but beautiful for a man. This is an interesting turn of events, and has led to much confusion in my essay writing (also my research would suggest that her eyes reveal her to be 'a great lover of women' which is slightly annoying since I've just ridiculed this idea).

However the main aim of this post is to explain what I have found about myself through careful scientific physiognomological examination.
- My eyes suggest that I am sanguine, somewhat languid, considering the whole rather than attending to the minute, despising the little and disposed to the comprehensive.
- My nose is noble and full of spirit.
- My mouth suggests I am mildly descreet, peaceful, humble and attentive.
- My forehead is 'seldom found except in very intelligent, wise, rational and justly thinking people'.

In short I believe this so called 'psuedo-science' to be very accurate and believable. I do not know why it is so widely discredited.

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