Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Failure at Life

So I feel bad because it transpires I have more readers than the one I thought I had (just to clarify - I thought it was just my Dad, but it transpires it's just my Dad, plus Lisa - HELLO!) In any case I also haven't upadated for a while so this is threatening to turn into a bit of a monster post, nevertheless here goes....

CU Weekend Away
Having finished my essay (I never did cut down the 46 words I was over, I simply gave up on life) I did my presentation (which I think went OK no one complained in any case, and I made some really rather beautiful handouts complete with pictures from the musical) Anyway having done with work, I packed my little bag and pootled of to sunny Shropshire. There are two small things I should point out at this stage; firstly, I was very close to forgetting to bring my sleeping bag, and secondly, despite being sunny, it was also the coldest place this side of the Antarctic. I had to wear every item of clothing I brought with me every single day. I've never been so cold in my LIFE! It was quite ridiculous. Also ridiculous amounts of fun. I also got ridiculously little amounts of sleep.

Trip Down South
The morning after I got back from Shropshire I missioned it down south to have my FISH interview, which I think went fairly well, although thinking about it I think they said they'd get back to me this week if I'd got the place, but I haven't heard yet... very strange! Hopefully it'll all turn out OK. In any case I had a very pleasant journey back down south, turns out they have free interwebs in the trains these days so I could do work and prepare for my Seminar as I travelled which was very pleasant. It was lovely and warm at home and I got fed nice food and fruit and vegetables and given tea and sent back on my merry way. On the way home I had so much internet I could even skype to America. Which was super exciting. Also slightly disturbingly I almost fell off the map of England as I approached York, luckily the map shifted just before our train went careering off into the oblivion.

My Birthday
Tuesday was in actual fact my Birthday; a day for epic celebrations and joy to the world in my opinion. In this vein I got up early to open birthday presents and then after my first lecture baked fairy cakes to take to Voices. I had originally thought this would be quite challenging but actually in the event it wasn't as hard as I thought, I'd never made cakes without an electric whisk but they came out ok, even though my arm did hurt after. In addition to this cooking extravaganza I also made myself steak and Chips for lunch. In the eveningtime I went to the pub with the housemates and some friends from CU. I was given a chocolate cake (yum!) some finger puppets (oooh!) a very nice hat and note book (yay!) AND, most excitingly of all, a picture frame with a picture of all my housemates and little messages from them. It's really really nice! Also the men of the house bought me a bottle of pink sparkling wine. It was a rather fantastical birthday!

Extreme Wednesdaying!
I thought that since I was doing a subject which involved very few actual contact hours I should fill my time usefully by doing something other than lazing around and reading. Unfortunately, this has culminated in an experience I call extreme Wednesdaying. It goes a little like this: Seminar, followed by lecture, followed by hasty lunch, followed by lacrosse (accompanied by stitch and uncomfortable feeling of food boggling round stomach) followed by ensemble, followed by CU, followed by slight panic when I think I've lost my clarinet, followed by locating said instrument, followed by dinner, followed rather swiftly by bed. In short a very tiring and slightly stressful day.

Birthday Weekend
At this stage I forget what happened in the interim period and suddenly guest appear for my birthday weekend. This is very excitable, involves me getting lost in York town centre (again) eating lunch at Nandos and then going to the pub (again). I received more exciting presents including a notebook you can record all the books you've read in, (which is exciting, it's got all these stickers in so you can organise everything, it's epic), a really nice new Bible, which will be handy for referencing in Essays as well as following what happens in CU, and a blow up globe (which is turning out to be more useful than I thought it was going to be, although storing it might prove to be a problem). We also went to a college party, which despite being a little dead was actually rather fun and we did much dancing to crazy 90s music.

Post Birthday Excitement....
...the world has become a flat and boring place. I have had to get back to work; I'm currently working on an essay about how uglyness is portrayed in Woman in White, although I'm struggling to find an angle. It isn't helping that what started as a slight cold, has been transformed by a combination of stress and extreme tiredness into full blown sinusitis, which is always exciting, and is also making my brain roughly equivalent to slime. However in my researches I have discovered a magical way of quantifying beauty, which led to the whole house sitting down and figuring out our beauty scores to find out who is the most beautiful. As yet the matter is unresolved however it is leading to much hilarity.

In other news
- I had my interview for America this morning, I don't think I did too well considering brain = slime situation, but at least it's done, I should hear by tomorrow, which is a little terrifying.
- Today at Explore we had cookies and ice-cream, this was by far the highlight of my day.
- The cleaner has cleaned the FRONT of our oven to such an extent that we can no longer figure out what temperature we are setting the oven to, since all the markings has been rubbed off, however the INSIDE still is covered with baked on grime.
- I have discovered that it is not an unfounded fear of mine that I smell of meat if I spend too long in the kitchen; today I was actually asked whether I'd had steak for dinner. The George Forman is a terror in disguise as a useful cooking tool...

Tomorrow is another epic day of a wednesday, which is a little worrying since I really should get to work on my essay, but I am trying not to worry about it too much, there is also a Vanbrugh music social in the evening, which it would be really nice to go to, but we shall see...

Well that was an even longer post than I had originally imagined. But I think I have covered everything!! This is me over and out!!

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