Thursday, 26 November 2009

Turkey Day!

I had an EPIC Thanksgiving. My American friend organised a Thanksgiving meal and I think I may have eaten my body weight in food. Although I drew the line at eating marshmallows with my main course. So I had them in a seperate bowl after. And it was all rather delicious. And plentyful. I think I might not eat for about a week. I even got to draw a thanksgiving turkey hand. It's pretty cool and named Horace. Considering I have no idea what a turkey looks like with feathers on I think it's pretty impressive. Because I have crazy double jointed thumbs it is a bit of an unusual shape. But I think it adds to his character.

I've also managed to finish my essay. So I only have one more to write this term. Which is jolly exciting.

Yesterday a friend came up from home to visit me in York. I took her to see the sights (i.e. The Shambles, Betty's, York Minster, Pound Land and Pound World and various churches on the way) and then we had chinese. It was rather marvelous.

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