Wednesday, 25 November 2009

The Joys Of Getting Up On Time

Today I discovered The Joys Of Getting Up On Time.
I, infact, awoke at 7.30. By 8 I had showered and washed my hair, by 9 I had gotten dressed, dried my hair, had breakfast and checked my mail. By 12 I had written half my essay and caught up with various TV programs and the news. I spent the afternoon in town with my friend. By 6 I had checked my mail, phoned my mother and chatted with my house mates. By 7 I had had dinner. And by 10 I had finished my essay. I watched a movie and will be in bed by midnight.
So in summary The Joys Of Getting Up On Time are that you can fit ALOT of things into your day. I think this is an experiment to be repeated.

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