Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Things I have learnt this week..

1. "Fresher's flu" should be more accurately renamed "nasty cold you get every single year due to abundance of germs, lack of general hygiene and complete absence of sleep on return to seat of learning".

2. "Housemates" should be more accurately referred to as "Angels who cook you dinner when you're too busy or stressed to look after yourself, bring you your keys/lunch/whatever else it is you have forgotten in mad dash out of the door, and are generally available for snuggles and classy tv times".

3. Third year could be summarised as "living torn between the desire to do all the fun things you can because it's your last year at university, and having to do lots of work because it's your last year of university."

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  1. All these points are so true :-D