Thursday, 20 October 2011

This and that and some bits in between...

Aha! The long awaited post of stuff that is happening in my life has arrived. Sadly I have to inform you that the reason it has taken a while to get to this stage is because I have been waiting for something adventurous to happen in my life. However, it has become clear to me that my life is settling more and more deeply into monotony and I am resigning myself to the fact that I will be spending most of what remains of the year either closeted in the library reading articles in such scintillating topics as the history of the word culture and patriarchy in Palestinian politics, or in a puddle if exhaustion on my couch with my housemates watching such intellectually stimulating programming as Made in Chelsea, or Hollyoaks. Which actually, ironically, ties in with my reading about the word culture and the debate between high art and culture. See! My subject is relevant!
Where I would like to be spending my time
Where I am actually spending my time
Other than library and terrible TV time, I have been taking advantage of Orange wednesdays and my friends' generosity (we watched Melancholia and Midnight in Paris, in case you were wondering), joining the York Ultimate team, doing copious washing up for church lunches and doing vaguely important cricket-y type things.

In other news, yesterday, someone asked me where in America I was from, I really didn't think my accent was that bad...

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