Saturday, 31 December 2011

To 2012 and BEYOND!

It struck me the other day as I made my way onto campus on a Sunday morning hours before leaving back to Guildford, in the same fashion as I have every morning for the previous 10 weeks with minimal exceptions, that the title of this blog was fast becoming very redundant. True enough I had had a prolonged and epically adventurous battle with my duvet covers that morning, and after a brief stop at the library I was about to perform as Mary in the church nativity play, which let's face it is the female lead. (On a side note, half way through the performance an angel sat down on my lap and refused to budge until I had to make my way to Egypt. It was utterly adorable.) Notwithstanding these minor excitements, I have to admit that the days of travel blogging, day trips and other fun adventures are over, at least until May. Until then I have a fairly full looking schedule of Library days ahead of me.

I'll be honest with you guys, I haven't been posting as regularly as I would have like, but this is simply because nothing remotely adventurous or misadventurous has occurred. I went to play frisbee for the day back in November, I had a couple of migraines which kept me going to the library for a few days, I got dressed up for a couple of meals out, I had friends over for Sinterklaas, I almost mowed someone down cycling on the wrong side of the street while coming down Heslington Road on my bike. THese things are the closest to adventures I have come since last posting, not counting a run in with a photocopier when someone inconsiderately requested a book I needed over Christmas.

And so the fact remains that I have a few months ahead of me that will be dominated by reading, essay writing and lunches in Vanbrugh dining hall, with hopefully a bit of frisbee and cricket thrown in here and there, until I embark on that big adventure known as graduation, followed by the somewhat daunting prospect of Real Life (or perhaps a masters program, because, let's face it, I'm not quite ready to give up my nice warm seat in the library just yet...)

Regardless, adventures shall be few and far between, and so rather than leaving my blog lonely and unattended I have been doing I have decided to embark on adventures into the wider world of blogging, So here is what I am planning to do in 2012, because all good intentions should start int he new year; I will blog more regularly, but in doing so blog more widely. Basically I'm thinking of blogging about stuff other than things I've actually done -- books I've read and enjoyed, films I've seen, the odd amusing anecdote -- which hopefully should also have the added benefit of making me take breaks from the library which are slightly more productive than endless youtube clip watching...

This is the closest thing to a New Years Resolution I have ever undertaken, so I hope you'll join me and my new and improved blogging experience. I'm looking forward to seeing where 2012 takes me. 

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