Thursday, 26 July 2012

Slightly Belated, but not Late

Yes, yes I know I haven't posted since I promised to post more often. I have learnt 2 things, one is that I will never ever make a new years resolution ever again, and the other is that when all those people told me that 3rd year was going to be hard work, they weren't joking. Still, I finished with most of what was left of my sanity intact, only mild sleep deprivation, and that elusive first. Success. So what have I been doing since, you ask, the answer is as little as physically possible.

On saying that I went on some adventures in York before I left, including a trip to Flamingo Land where I got unfavourably compared to a warthog, a visit to a country house where we saw lots of art and some adorable small children dressed up as Victorians, and an English girlie day out to the Bronte museum, which was amazing, and the Yorkshire moors where we ran around shouting Heathcliff at the tops of our lungs, like the cool kids we are.

More recently I have just completed a mini tour of England in the trusty Nisan Micra. I was going up to Manchester, (Didsbury technically, if you're at all interested) for a Frisbee tournament, so I packed up the car, picked up a frisbee player from the station, and set off for Manchester. That was at 2 o'clock. We finally arrived in Manchester at around 10 following having painstakingly inched along for 213 miles, and having completely failed to get dinner in Stoke because it was packed out with Jehovah's Witnesses at a convention. Nevertheless, fun and frisbee frolicks were had by all and I even got a bit of a tan! Hurrah!

Following Didsbury I went on to explore the delights of Macclesfield (good roast dinner) Manchester (good chinese) and then went on a brief sojourn up to York to watch the new housemate on the telly. She was on University Challenge, looking all smart and fringy. If twitter is anything to go by, her fringe was in fact the only thing worth discussing about her television appearance, but in case you were wondering York won. Of course.

From York I went to Nottingham to visit the old housemate, who made me yummy dinner and we went on a walk around Nottingham and did general girlie hanging out type things, and then in the morning she brought me tea in bed and made me breakfast and it was just like old times. Then I went on a mini-trip to Staffordshire, where it rained Old Testament style, they had really good fish and chips and I pinched a hoodie.

And then I made my way home, where I have settled into a life of domesticated bliss, watering tomato plants, doing laundry, reading in the unexpected sunshine (yes, American friends, we do have some sun in England too...) making my brother dinner when he comes home from work and so on. You know, as you do, when you're a domestic goddess like I am. 

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