Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Family and Friends etc.

So I'm really not doing too well with keeping this updated. So since I last posted it was family and friend's weekend, which basically involved a weekend of running around pretending to be musical, wearing a pope dress and watching my friends actually be musical. And my friend Map from camp came to visit which was highly exciting! And meant that we did alot of talking and not much sleeping. But it's all good. 

Last weekend was Halloween weekend. Which was alot of fun, but sadly was a little deviod of trick or treating and other such American goodness. But we did go out on Saturday (mainly because it was a friend's birthday), and we did dress up (albeit rather un-enthusiastically and at the last minute) as playing cards. But there were four of us so we could each be a suit (one of us was hearts, one was diamons, clubs and spades etc.) so it was actually kind of cute. 

I'm noticing that I'm sounding more and more American recently. I know this because a) I can say pants without giggling like a four year old, b) I say that everything is cute, c) every now and then I say tooz-day rather than chews-day for Tuesday, and d) Beth tells me so when we skype. But panic not my British accent loving friends! All is going to be O.K. because Lisa is coming to visit tomorrow complete with British socks (from Primark - I'm classy like that), British chocolate (Cadbury's of course) and a fully functioning British accent! YAY!

I have much preparing to do in preparation for Lisa's arrival. I have already crossed off 'Locate Floor' off of my to do list. Still remaining are such joyous tasks as: plan french paper, edit french paper, translate old english, read children's books, sweep floor (once I discovered it, I also discovered it was still covered in bits of astroturf from when we had a frisbee class out there a couple of weeks ago - oops) and start creative writing assignment. Still I'm exceedingly excited about the invasion of British which is about to happen.

I find myself becoming more and more patriotic the longer I stay in this crazy country. Which is weird. Because I'm not even particularly British (exactly half to be precise). And yet I find myself giving an internal (and sometimes not so internal) cheer everytime anything remotely British related is mentioned. Even Scotland. Which is saying something I think you'll agree. But I could (and might) write a whole post on this phenomenon. So I'll save it for another time. 

In other news, I have a tentative schedule for next semester, I think I'm going to take, The French  Speaking World, Medieval Literature, Modern British Novels, and a Creative Writing class. Which is exciting. Unless York says I don't have to take the French class, which I'm least looking forward to, in which case I can do Faulkner and Modern Southern Writing, instead of the Modern British Novel (which kinda makes sense since I am infact in America not Britain) and possibly a Psychoanalytic Theory Class.

But possibly more exciting than next semester's class choices, are the choices available for the J-Term. I've already signed up for Creative Writing Workshop I, which is being taught/led/whatever, by one of the girls who lives on my floor, which I am massively excited about. But I'm also thinking about signing up for Intro to Crochet, Adobe Creative Suite: The Ins and Outs, Beginning Knitting with Annie, Ping-Pong ahoy! , Bead and Wire Earring Design and Yummy Chinese Food (A Cooking Class). Some of the other options include: The Science of Bread Baking, Spinning Yarn, To Boldy Go: Exploring the Star Trek Universe, Intro to T'ai Chi, Intro to Watercolor Painting, Comic and Graphic Novel Creation and Constucting Language. Some of which sound more appealing than others.

Anyway, my freshly made and laundered bed is calling my name with increasing strength, I think I might be beginning to ramble and I need to get up in the morning so it's off to Bedfordshire for me!

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