Thursday, 4 November 2010


Americans are not very good at making popcorn in the microwave. They seem to burn it every other time. They also make popcorn at ridiculous times. Such as 1.30am. When they will burn the popcorn badly enough to set off the fire alarm. So the whole building has to go outside into the freezing cold. I'm not even exaggerating; there was frost on the ground. What is truly amazing is how people bond over the oddest things, in a previous post I mentioned midterms, last night, at 1.30am, in the freezing cold, we bonded over our mutual disgust at late night fire alarms. We were all in various stages of undress; some people very sensible very large pjs, some people in smaller pjs, one friend in a very teeny tiny nightgown, with jumpers, coats and duvets thrown on over the top, all moaning about the cold and how late it was. One poor girl was in a towl and flipflops and had clearly been dragged out of the shower. Maybe people just bond over mutual misery...

The worst thing about the whole thing was that it was at 1.30 so we still need to have our 2-6am fire drill. So we have to do the whole shibaz again at some point...

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  1. The secret to great microwave popcorn is to listen to the pops, when it comes to 2-3 seconds between each pop you stop, no matter how long the oackage tells you to put it in for! Everyone should have this basic knowledge!
    Sounds like you're having a good time despite nightly fire alarms though =)