Thursday, 16 May 2013

Marginal Misadventures

As is evidenced by the fact that I posted my plane blog last night, I have made it to America safely and in one piece! It was a little touch and go, since BA somehow managed to check in too many people onto the flight so I sat in my extra special seat with lots of leg room trying not to make eye contact with any of the air staff so they wouldn’t kick me off the flight when they realised I had no checked baggage so I wouldn’t be too hard to transfer onto a later flight.

In the end take off was only delayed by about half an hour and the flight passed relatively smoothly. This is the first time I can remember travelling to the states without a fancy visa that lets you cut queues and it takes FOREVER to get through customs with the rest of the tourists. Literally took almost an hour.

Then I got to face the Boston T by myself. It so happens that the Silver Line is my favourite ever “underground” line, because it’s a bus, that drives around the streets of Boston, and then disappears into a tunnel and becomes an underground bus. I think it’s fantastic. It’s like a bus with an identity crisis, which appeals to me quite a lot. I also got to take the Red Line and the Green E Line. And I’m not going to lie, I was feeling pretty good about my ability to navigate a little known city by myself.

That was probably my biggest mistake. I rocked up to the building I thought I was going to. And realised there were three apartments and I had no idea which one I was going for.  So I just pressed all of them. When a nice young gentleman opened the door I got a wee bit worried. Nevertheless he was very amused to find a British girl knocking on his door in a slight panic to find that, no, he did not live with my friend. Luckily the “I’m British and I’m lost” routine worked very well and he let me in, and I used his internet to find out that my friend had given me the house number wrong and she lived next door.

In another startling fail, I brought the wrong converter, so while I could plug things in to continental plugs, I cannot charge anything in America. Well done me. 

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