Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Counting down to my next adventure!

You guys, it's 30 days until I fly to Vietnam! I put a fancy little countdown widget over in the side bar so you can count down with me! I have been doing research into serious travelling blogs, and I believe at this stage it is customary to write a blog stating exactly what you are going to pack. I will not being doing this, partially because I'm sure you have no interest in exactly how many pairs of socks I will be taking, and partially because I honestly don't have a clue. However my research has revealed that there are three golden rules when packing:

1. Three pairs of underwear will suffice. I don't think I will be keeping to this rule; no matter how many times I read about the "Four days, Four ways" theory of underwear, it becomes no more appealing. I will wear my underwear the standard way. Not back-to-front, not inside-out, not back-to-front and inside-out. This is my final decision. I will also bring a sufficiency such that I do not spend my entire holiday washing my knickers. And before anyone even thinks of mentioning paper pants, I'd like to point out that this is so far outside the realms of things that are likely to ever happen that there's no point me shooting it down.
2. Absolutely no denim ever. I'm going to break this one too. Possibly twice; once in full length and once in short version. The only way I know to dress myself involves denim and hoodies. I don't think I can be deprived of these items for a whole month. I tried in South Africa and wound up buying myself a pair. I don't care if they dry slower than Christmas. They're coming. And besides, I am going to go live with a friend, who has a real person job. So I have to look like a real person, and preferably like I'm not going to smell like I'm on day 3 of the 4 day underwear cycle.
3. Don't bring bedding, it will be provided. Again, this one is looking like it's going to be broken... Anyone who has seen me at camp will know of my deep devotion to my silk sleeping bag liner, and the separation anxiety which occurs when I am bereft of it. I'm pretty sure it can protect me from bed bugs, knife wielding rapists, and the yeti, all at the same time. And I might bring my baby pillow too, because I love it, and it's been to South Africa, Nepal, and America three times and will get sad if it gets left behind.

So right now it's looking like I'm going to be taking everything, including the kitchen sink, I've never really been any good at packing light...


  1. It sounds really exciting! What are you going to do in Vietnam? Have you finished all of your studies now, or just the american ones? lots of questions =)

  2. I still have one more year to do at York, but I don't start until October, so I figured I could take a vacation! I'm going to write a post about everything I plan to do sooooon, but basically I'm going on a tour, and then I'm staying with a friend :D

  3. fit it all in a daypack. so much easier to carry than a big big rucksack if you're doing lots of travelling round. 5 tshirts, 5 underwear, flip flops. thats all you need...

  4. I don't know about this, I mean first off, I'm a fan of trousers. Or skirts, or shorts, or dresses, well you get the idea, my modesty requires that my bottom half is covered in some manner. And secondly, I'm not doing LOTS of travelling around, I'm doing a moderate amount of travelling around. Thirdly I'm staying with my favourite judgemental friend and I don't think she'll love me if I don't have a clean change of clothes. FOURTHLY, I don't want to look or smell like you Ben :P