Wednesday, 20 October 2010

I was just thinking.

And while I know thinking is very dangerous, and I normally avoid it like the plague, today I feel like I should like to put my thinkings down in blogging form. Bear with me.

I was asked to write about my experiences at MHC to encourage others to apply for the exchange. This is what I came up with:

"The most amazing thing about being at Mount Holyoke, apart from the incredible variety of course options open to you, is the people you meet. The women at MHC are inspiring; they are amazingly broad minded, and honestly believe they can change the world. These are women who are going to make a difference, who work hard and play hard and who go out of their way to make foreign exchange students like myself feel at home within their community."

The strange thing about this, is that just 6 weeks ago I would have never written this. I would have written about the fantastic classes and amazing opportunities, and how good exchanges look on your C.V. Which made me think, because maybe I'm changing through being here. I'm already starting to think that maybe this summer I should do something more adult with my life. Maybe camp isn't the best place for me. Maybe it's time to set my sights higher. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

And anyway, this blog post wasn't really going to be about me. It was going to be about all the amazing people I met here. Because it's true. The classes are fun. But realistically, probably academically, while here we're worked harder, York is better, in terms of the teaching and resources. But while I love my friends from York, everyone here is so focused and driven. They all have big plans and big ideas. They prove to me over and over again, that little people can make big differences. They decide they want something and they go get it. It really is inspiring.

I can't really explain it better than that. They go out and do things; internships in the summers, working at cool places, doing exciting things. They organise events and run classes and generally just have the most amazing attitude to life. And while I'm sure there were plenty of people in York who had similar outlooks, they just didn't seem so out there. I didn't really hear of many people working in parliament, or hospitals, or wherever back home. Maybe it was just because I was tucked away in a little cocoon of camp-dom, and I didn't really look around me.

I quite like being a Mount Holyoke Woman. I like the sense of posibility it gives me. Like I can do anything I want to do. I can kind of understand why Rachel didn't want to leave here.

(But don't worry Yorkies. I'm a coming back. I promise. Just a new me. With bigger plans. Now just to figure out what those plans could be. How exciting.)

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