Monday, 6 September 2010

Camp Highlights

So camp happened a little excessively and I never really got time to update this so here's the highlights:

- The Scrape Off!
The scrape off is an anual camp event. At the end of meals we have to scrape all the plates clean. Over the course of the summer this skill is honed and eventually the best scrapers compete for the title of ultimate scraper. Generally an international competitor challenges Canvis who is reigning champion having won four years in a row. This year the competition was extended such that there were several rounds in which people got knocked out until we were wittled down to the final stand off between Canvis representing the USA and Gazelle representing the WORLD. Which was a big responsibility. But it was all ok because she won. So everyone was happy!

-Super Kipper and Bobbin Hood
Session 5 Bobbin and I had a camp challenge program. Which was huge amounts of fun! We decided to be super hero themed and spent much of the week wandering round camp pretending to be super heros, complete with costumes and capes. We did super hero training on the low ropes course and did super hero orienteering which involved saving teddies in distress. We also got to go 'hiking' in the blue hills (and by 'hiking' I mean glorified rambling) and ate copious amounts of very melty trail mix and pretended to be hardcore.

- Baseball game.
The last week of camp I got the program I had been hoping to get since this time last year. I.e. we got Anything Goes. I.e. I got older kids. I.e. I WENT TO A BASEBALL GAME! This was easily the most exciting thing that happened on camp. Well maybe not easily. And maybe it wans't THE most exciting thing. But the general gist is that it was highly exciting. I got to learn the rules. I have come to the conclusion that it's confusing and not as good as cricket. On the bright side it was marginally shorter than a cricket match and we got to eat popcorn. I wore my cricket jumper to be contraversial. I'm not sure anyone noticed. After the game we got to go run around on the pitch/field/whatever it is called. It was pretty cool. Also the people we saw might be famous one day.

- Pumps and Pearls.
The Pumps and Pearls was lovely as ever this year. I borrowed Half-Pint's dress, which I love, and actually now have hanging in my closet at MHC. Everyone looks so pretty at these things. It's so nice. I borrowed some shoes of Lucky and Bean did my make-up. I love getting ready for Pumps and Pearls with everyone in the tents. Its hilarious. We got sparkling grape juice in little wine glasses and it was generally a good time. My favourite part is singing ridiculous camp songs in beautiful dresses. 

- Star Gazing.
The last night there were kids on camp there was a meteor shower at 4.30 am. So we thought it would be a really great idea to get our kids up to watch it. It was absolutely freezing. But we actually saw some really cool meteors. One lit up the entire sky and the trail of its tail stayed in the air for ages, which I've never really seen before.  The only problem was that we'd decided it would be a really great idea to stay up till really late having a midnight picnic and had food in our tent, and I was absolutely certain a racoon would come in the night to terrorise us, but in the end there were only a whole bunch of mice scurrying around. Which was fairly gross, but not as scary. So all in all not much sleep was to be had.

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