Saturday, 24 July 2010

Laugh out loud.

I am exhausted! Literally I am that tired that I had to lay down to pretend to be dead for a couple of seconds the other day and I fell asleep. It's ridiclous. I just sleep everywhere. All the time. I've just remembered why I never went to see films while I was at camp last year. It's because if I were to sit in a darkened space on a comfy chair, there would be no way I would stay awake.

We've just finished our two week session, which is always a killer. Two weeks with the same kids and limited time off is hard work. Luckily we had a really good unit, and it was all relatively drama free and the kids were pretty hilarious. So it was all good. We had some really fun things that we did with the kids. We went to an airport and got to go in a 1.5 million dollar private jet and the teeniest little plane I have ever seen in my entire life. We also went on a dragon hunt, had a fairy themed cook out, discovered a new planet, and went to the beach. It was all in all a rather marvelous program.

This weekend is a bit of a relaxed one since everyone is just about on the verge of collapse. Lucky is having a cookout type thing at hers, which should be really nice, and a lot of the staff are going, so it should be good bonding time. Next week I have the brownies for a dessert cooking program. Which should be good I think. I'm having fun coming up with some ideas of things we can do with the kids. Its going to be strange going from a two week session back down to a one week session though, because there isn't so much time to do crazy things with the kids.

We had our internationals vs. americans soccer match this week, and for the first time in living memory, the INTERNATIONALS WON! This was all due to the fact that we had Mint on our team, who plays for really good teams/ is on her uni team etc. But it was all super duper very exciting, even though I missed the second hald of the match because I went to the beach. Other excitement that has occured include a halloween meal, a harry potter meal and a tiny dining hall meal!

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